JoBot at HOTH

Having only entered this event on a friends suggestion (cheers Ian Tosh) I hadn’t given it much thought leading up to it apart from the fact that I thought it would be a good training run a couple of weeks before Glenmore 24hr run and would give me some practice running through the night.

I had actually thought that running back and forth over Humber Bridge for 12hrs would be pretty soul destroying but was happy to have my mind changed for me. It was a fantastic event and I was already planning on coming back next year before I had finished this year!

The first few hours were a bit tough going…my bruised/cracked ribs were causing some discomfort but after a couple of longer breaks I settled into it and was soon flying along. I felt strong throughout the rest of the run and loved every second of it. A lot of that was down to a brilliant crew and some very friendly fellow runners. It was great to see runners of all speeds and wave/smile at them while either running in the opposite direction or passing them/being passed on the lap.

I was very pleased to take 3rd place and get myself a nice trophy and an automatic entry into next years race….oh yeah and a new nickname JoBot! For next year I will target it as an A race and go for as many laps as possible.

a week until Glenmore…lets hope I can run as strongly there!