Beacons Ultra

I have been enjoying my time back ultra running without the thoughts of sea swims in the back of my mind at all times.
Likeys Beacons race is a two lap route around the Brecon Beacons and is billed as 45miles (its apparently more like 46/47miles)

I travelled up on friday afternoon with another ultra runner, Kev. A lot of ultrarunning friends including Mimi Anderson were comming up so it was more of a social event with a bit of running to be done in between.
A few minutes before the start of the race I started having mild stomach spasms. I took my medication but was resigned to the fact that it was not to be a fast day for me. The spasms lasted most of the race but were intermittent so was actually able to enjoy the event and was still feeling pretty fresh at the end. My legs felt great, better than they have done in a long time, I was surprised at how little aches I had the following day. In fact only this weekend I did a 45mile training run at a little faster than 10min miling and it felt easy towards the end and have no aches now. I’m not going to complain about it, just enjoying it as long as it lasts.
The main event of the Beacons weekend was the pub quiz which was great fun….the Welsh team cheated so they won of course.
Great weekend all round, well done to everyone who took part. Our Elagen teams took 1st and 3rd overall.
Off to Scotland for the Yamaa Winter Ultra this weekend so am looking forward to it.