6 foot waves!!!!

As I headed down to weymouth on the train yesterday I thought it was going to be another easy enough swim in calm water as the weather seemed pretty perfect. When we got out of the sheltered harbour waters I was proved very wrong indeed. The water was very choppy, there were no areas of calm at all so it proved to be a very tough swim. The decision was made to cut the swim short at 6 hrs (Tom reckoned a 6hr in that water was worth a 10hr swim any day and that he knew I could be pushed to 10hrs even in that water) At some points during the swim I could see the boat being tipped almost to its side, apparently Tom and Lynn did get a bit wet at times. During the feeds I had to push the boat away from me as the waves kept pushing it into me.

I was told after I got out that I had been swimming through 6 foot waves and was swimming in a Force 5, usually they don’t like to swim you in anything above a force 3 in the channel. Things can change while you are swimming in the channel though, and what starts as a calm swim may turn rough so I would rather be prepared for the worst.
According to Tom I still kept up a stroke rate of 60 and covered a fair bit of distance in that time so its good to know that, even if the conditions do turn a bit ropey during the swim, I can still swim at a good pace.
The only problem with swimming in these rough waters was that I did not feel like eating much. Luckily I was able to take plenty of lucozade so can still get the calories I need.
I was pretty tired by the time I got home, I actually fell asleep at the kitchen table while waiting for my dinner to cook (and no I didn’t burn the house down, I only dozed for a few minutes). I am actually looking forward to the taper. Maybe I can get some sleep for a change