6 Hour swim

My sea swim training is going really well. This weekend it did not start that great when I went to Weymouth for my 6hr swim, I had taken thursday and friday off work to get this done. Conditions were perfect but within the hour I was feeling pretty sick, it must have been due to the fact that I had something different for breakfast than I usually do. I managed to do 4 and a half hours but spent a lot of the last 3 hrs being ill on and off, most pleasant!

The following day I was still feeling sick and dehydrated so it was an enforced rest day. It did me good though as saturday I went out for a run and ended up doing 8 hours. I felt great throughout too.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Sunday I travelled to bournemouth to be ready for another bash at the 6hr swim on Monday. Justin came along as my support on the boat and think he must be a good luck charm as the swim went perfectly. I did a little over the 6 hours, the boat pilot (Tom) was pleased with me as my stroke rate was consistent throughout the swim. For me, I felt the time had gone quickly and was very surprised when he said the 6 hrs were up, he did ask if I wanted to do another half hour but I thought another 10 minutes would be good. I was very happy with it, hardly any aches afterwards just a slght pain in my left shoulder.

Managed to fit a bike ride in before work this morning and will be off out for another run this evening. Next swim should be next weekend for an 8 hr one. No rest for the wicked