8 hr sea swim

Mondays sea swim went really well. I did 8 hours and it felt really easy. According to the boat pilot I was consistent at 60 strokes per minute (2 up on when i did the 6hr) and was up to 66 by the last hour. When I got out I didn’t even feel that tired, if they had tried to push me to do 10 I would have been able to do it. Lynn (race directors wife) was my support on the boat and she said I had improved a lot since lanza.
Tom, the boat pilot, reckons I will do 15 hrs MAX for the channel, however anything can happen during a channel swim, I know this from following Tom Beaver’s A2A swim. I’m not getting out of the water until I’m on French soil no matter how long it takes.
got a 10hr swim next monday hopefully and then i have to start something called a T-a-p-e-r??????
Slight pain in right shoulder this time but left one is fine.

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