Cycle to dover

The cycle from london to dover yesterday went pretty well. I always find the first couple of hours on the bike tough but once it starts hitting silly distances I seem to speed up. I cycled it with Jason, one of my crew, and we passed Nicky doing an A2A attempt about 20ish miles in. We went on for a bit then stopped and waited for him to pass so we could cheer him on a bit. It was great to see him and Ed on route and give some encouragement. He finished the run in just over 21 and a half hours and is currently swimming the channel.

This morning I went out for an intended 2 hr swim. It was a great swim and had to be called to shore so i would get out (they managed to get me out after 2hrs 15mins) A perfect day for a channel swim so am quite envious of Nicky today. He has the weather I ordered so there better be some nice weather left over for me!!!!!!!