6 foot waves!!!!

As I headed down to weymouth on the train yesterday I thought it was going to be another easy enough swim in calm water as the weather seemed pretty perfect. When we got out of the sheltered harbour waters I was proved very wrong indeed. The water was very choppy, there were no areas of calm at all so it proved to be a very tough swim. The decision was made to cut the swim short at 6 hrs (Tom reckoned a 6hr in that water was worth a 10hr swim any day and that he knew I could be pushed to 10hrs even in that water) At some points during the swim I could see the boat being tipped almost to its side, apparently Tom and Lynn did get a bit wet at times. During the feeds I had to push the boat away from me as the waves kept pushing it into me.

I was told after I got out that I had been swimming through 6 foot waves and was swimming in a Force 5, usually they don’t like to swim you in anything above a force 3 in the channel. Things can change while you are swimming in the channel though, and what starts as a calm swim may turn rough so I would rather be prepared for the worst.
According to Tom I still kept up a stroke rate of 60 and covered a fair bit of distance in that time so its good to know that, even if the conditions do turn a bit ropey during the swim, I can still swim at a good pace.
The only problem with swimming in these rough waters was that I did not feel like eating much. Luckily I was able to take plenty of lucozade so can still get the calories I need.
I was pretty tired by the time I got home, I actually fell asleep at the kitchen table while waiting for my dinner to cook (and no I didn’t burn the house down, I only dozed for a few minutes). I am actually looking forward to the taper. Maybe I can get some sleep for a change

Last long sea swim

Monday should see my last long swim. Forecast so far looks rubbish for sunday but good for monday so hopefully there will be no reason for me not to complete 10 hrs. A 10 hr swim will set me up nicely for the channel, from then its just a month until the start. Apart from the swim I will be getting a couple of runs in and getting on the bike for a few hours.
I will report back on how it goes as soon as I can, I can’t quite believe how close it is to A2A now. It has been almost 2 years since I decided I wanted to do it but it seems to have come round so quickly. When I finish this 10 hour swim I can be confident that I have done everything in my power to succeed in the channel and have to hope that sea conditions are in my favour on the day

8 hr sea swim

Mondays sea swim went really well. I did 8 hours and it felt really easy. According to the boat pilot I was consistent at 60 strokes per minute (2 up on when i did the 6hr) and was up to 66 by the last hour. When I got out I didn’t even feel that tired, if they had tried to push me to do 10 I would have been able to do it. Lynn (race directors wife) was my support on the boat and she said I had improved a lot since lanza.
Tom, the boat pilot, reckons I will do 15 hrs MAX for the channel, however anything can happen during a channel swim, I know this from following Tom Beaver’s A2A swim. I’m not getting out of the water until I’m on French soil no matter how long it takes.
got a 10hr swim next monday hopefully and then i have to start something called a T-a-p-e-r??????
Slight pain in right shoulder this time but left one is fine.

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6 Hour swim

My sea swim training is going really well. This weekend it did not start that great when I went to Weymouth for my 6hr swim, I had taken thursday and friday off work to get this done. Conditions were perfect but within the hour I was feeling pretty sick, it must have been due to the fact that I had something different for breakfast than I usually do. I managed to do 4 and a half hours but spent a lot of the last 3 hrs being ill on and off, most pleasant!

The following day I was still feeling sick and dehydrated so it was an enforced rest day. It did me good though as saturday I went out for a run and ended up doing 8 hours. I felt great throughout too.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Sunday I travelled to bournemouth to be ready for another bash at the 6hr swim on Monday. Justin came along as my support on the boat and think he must be a good luck charm as the swim went perfectly. I did a little over the 6 hours, the boat pilot (Tom) was pleased with me as my stroke rate was consistent throughout the swim. For me, I felt the time had gone quickly and was very surprised when he said the 6 hrs were up, he did ask if I wanted to do another half hour but I thought another 10 minutes would be good. I was very happy with it, hardly any aches afterwards just a slght pain in my left shoulder.

Managed to fit a bike ride in before work this morning and will be off out for another run this evening. Next swim should be next weekend for an 8 hr one. No rest for the wicked

8 weeks to go

It suddenly hit me in the last day or so that my countdown to this little event is now just 8 weeks so am starting to panic a little bit to say the least. What on earth makes me think that I can succeed where another female and several men have failed. To add to the doubts that run through my head when I should be sleeping, more people have scaled Everest than swum the channel – thats without doing a quick jog down to the coast first. I’ve been telling myself that I have done the training for this but it doesn’t stop the nerves kicking in and it will, no doubt, only get worse as the date creeps ever closer

Hope this weekends swim will go well

Good luck to Steve Haywood, who today sets off on his Deca