Dreadmill Training

I am heading off this weekend to look at a potential venue for the 24hr treadmill challenge which now looks like it has been set for April. It is been billed as an official record attempt but the record currently stands at 153.6 miles so I am doubtful that I will manage further than that. I will, however, give it my best shot and see how far I can do in 24hrs. To give myself the best chance at doing this I have pulled out of the glasgow to edinburgh double marathon and will not be entering any other races until this is complete to focus on my traning.
In the meantime I will be doing mainly treadmill running (yawn) to get myself used to the pace and tedium. It will be a mix of long runs and some speed sessions too.
My friend, Paul (lanzarote crew), works in Esporta in Poole and has arranged for me to do an 8hr treadmill run there next month – I will post the exact date when I know. They will promote the upcoming 24hr challenge that I will be doing with Sweatshop and Nike.
Hopefully after this weekend I will have an exact date for both events and I can seriously start worrying about it –¬†although there have been some panics already about it