Gobi Challenge

ext July I am off to compete in the Gobi Challenge, this will be my first desert race since the mdes in 2007 and am looking forward to seeing how I do in comparison to that. When I did the MdeS I had only been doing the ultra distances for a matter of months so my aim was to finish it in one piece, not to go for any placings. I would have been nowhere near good enough to vie for a top place so settled for enjoying the race at my own pace.

The Gobi Challenge is a week long event in which competitors will tackle, amongst other things, the highest sand dune in Asia, ice and mountain gorges whilst running 140miles. Anyone I have spoken to that has done this race has been full of praise for it and I am looking forward to going out and competing for a ranking.
Anyone interested in any more information on this event please visit www.sand-baggers.com
As the time gets closer I will be giving updates on how my training is coming along for this too.