Loch Lomania postponed

Due to my injured glutes I am going to have to postpone Loch Lomania. I got injured during Eagle Isle and am still not fully recovered over 2 weeks later. I have left it so late to make a decision as I had hoped to be back in good shape in time for this event but swimming almost a marathon (on top of a run and cycle) would probably destroy any possiblities of me racing for the foreseeable future, thats even if my glutes held up for the entire swim.
As it is so late in the outdoor swim season (the event was due to be this sat) it is looking likely that the next possible date for this will be spring. I will work out what can be done as A2A is in september so would have to ensure there is sufficient time in between the events before I set the date.

I am very disappointed but don not wish to be out of action for longer than necessary, I will be doing a run later today to test out the muscles and have another physio appointment on thursday – thats the other bad news, my sports therapist who I’ve been seeing for 4 years has cancelled his clinics so need to get used to a new person. I have booked in with Roberto, who I’ve been to before, he treats a lot of my friends and I know he likes to inflict pain!
Caesars Camp 100 is coming up as is Indo Ultra so want to make sure I am as fit as possible for these, I have my title and record to defend for Caesars and Indo is the first outing of this race so am really looking forward to it