Cycle to dover

The cycle from london to dover yesterday went pretty well. I always find the first couple of hours on the bike tough but once it starts hitting silly distances I seem to speed up. I cycled it with Jason, one of my crew, and we passed Nicky doing an A2A attempt about 20ish miles in. […]

Ultra runs

I have rebooked my arch to arc attempt for september 2011. A lot of people have been asking why I am waiting this long to do it again. There are several reasons for this, least of which being I couldn’t possibly afford to do it again in a years time. I am hoping to get […]

Arch to arc take 1

Everyone who has followed my progress will know by now that I did not succeed in completing Arch to Arc (for now) The weeks leading up to the event were pretty sunny so I was hopeful that the weather would stay as nice for my attempt. Typically the weather turned a few days before the […] 40miler

On saturday the guys at held the second of their ultra running series. This was to be a 40mile run across the Brecon Beacons. Due to the bad weather a contingency route was put in place and it was about 38miles. I travelled there on friday evening with Gary Dalton, a relative newbie into […]

6 foot waves!!!!

As I headed down to weymouth on the train yesterday I thought it was going to be another easy enough swim in calm water as the weather seemed pretty perfect. When we got out of the sheltered harbour waters I was proved very wrong indeed. The water was very choppy, there were no areas of […]

Epic journey to UB

If the journey to Mongolia was anything to go by then this race is going to be a tough one. It started off fairly well with the flight from heathrow to moscow leaving on time. I was travelling with Al, another competitor who didn’t tell anyone he was racing again. He did the race last […]

6hrs on a treadmill!!!!!!!

In the run up to the attempt I decided that doing a 6hr session on the treadmill would be a good idea. I managed it yesterday but it didn’t get off to a great start as my legs were feeling pretty heavy – think I am due a sports massage – and I was wondering […]

Last long sea swim

Monday should see my last long swim. Forecast so far looks rubbish for sunday but good for monday so hopefully there will be no reason for me not to complete 10 hrs. A 10 hr swim will set me up nicely for the channel, from then its just a month until the start. Apart from […]