South downs training, its a wee bit hilly

After last weekends trip to Paris as well as a sea swim I was pretty tired so took tuesday as a rest day. There is, however, still a lot of work to do before I am ready for arch to arc so carried on with my swimming and running during the week but had a rest from the bike.

I stocked up on new goggles so that when I do my 4 hour swim off the boat this weekend I will have no excuse.
Last weekend I travelled to Rosie and Jasons to train on the South Downs. Saturday morning I did a 2 and a half hour run and followed it with just over 4 hours on the bike. The cycle route was planned by Jason and he came along for it all while Rosie did half of it. I reckon there was more hills in that route than 100 miles of the Calais to Paris route, I was certainly cursing him for picking such a route (think he was cursing himself too). Both of us were pleased to finally see the sign for the town they live in.
Sunday morning we headed off to norman’s bay for a swim – well I would swim and Rosie would walk the shore. The intention was to head to a certain point – basically to where a couple of their friends lived by the beach. I have to say I was not in the mood to get in and was dreading it as the wind was bitterly cold. Once I got in all worries were gone, the water was a bit choppy which is how I like it and the tide was fairly strong but it was running with me. I had expected to cover the distance in about an hour and half but thanks to the strong tide I did it in 45 minutes (basically I had managed a decent walking pace) and was feeling great to carry on although had a little bit of cramp, . Unfortunately Rosie was feeling a little worried that I was being swept out a little far for her to keep a safe eye on me especially if I got a cramp attack. To be safe we finished the swim there (at the point we had intended to anyway). Next time I do a swim with them we should hopefully have a kayak which can come alongside me which would solve this problem.

Awesome swim, I am really getting into this sea swimming lark and am looking forward to this weekend.
The intention this weekend will most likely be to do a long run on friday eve, then get the train to weymouth first thing sat and travel back after the swim rather than staying in bournemouth as bloomin’ rail replacements make taking the bike down for training a pain in the a*s. This way I can do a late cycle when I get back and possibly have a lie in (I can vaguely remember what one of those is) on the sunday