Ultra runs

I have rebooked my arch to arc attempt for september 2011. A lot of people have been asking why I am waiting this long to do it again. There are several reasons for this, least of which being I couldn’t possibly afford to do it again in a years time. I am hoping to get sponsors to pay at least part of the fee this time round. I am currently back training in the pool breaking my swim stroke down to ensure it is perfect by the time 2011 comes around. I need to increase my upper body strength and swim speed so if anything goes wrong next time then there’s less of a chance of everything falling to pieces in the channel.
I hope to have moved to the coast by the start of next summer to make the sea swims more accessible.
I also need to take a bit of a breather from the intense training and try and have a bit of a life again even if it is only for a short while.
I am focusing on a few ultra runs in the next few months, September 4-6th is the Eagle Isle Ultra, 3rd October is Caesars Camp 100 while December is the Beacons Ultra and I have had some interest from a fairly big running store wanting to arrange an event with me (there’s quite a big sports company involved too). Its early days in the organisation of it so thats about as much as I will say for now. It appears that not completing A2A has not done my reputation any harm thank god.