Venture Medical First Aid Course

I spent this weekend doing an Adventurous Activities Outdoors First Aid course. It was run by Venture Medical

It’s a two day course and I found it to be much more informative/realistic than any first aid course I’ve been on previously. Rather than the normal Death by Powerpoint the course switched between talks (which were split between both instructors) and hands on practice (both indoors and outdoors)

We were given more realistic scenarios to deal with…outdoor casualties in awkward positions…and had to improvise and figure out how to get them to safety. It was a very good practice session.

all of those on our course passed and everyone there seemed to find it very useful.

As a ultrarunner I can be out for hours on mountains/trails/hills so it’s more likely if I find someone injured then it’s probably not going to be that close to civilisation so I wanted to be confident in being able to help someone when help such as MRT is on the way.

I’d recommend this course to any ultrarunner/trekker/biker or anyone else looking to update their first aid knowledge. I’ll definitely be keeping my training on this up.


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