www.mightcontainnuts.com 40miler

On saturday the guys at www.mightcontainnuts.com held the second of their ultra running series. This was to be a 40mile run across the Brecon Beacons.
Due to the bad weather a contingency route was put in place and it was about 38miles.
I travelled there on friday evening with Gary Dalton, a relative newbie into ultrarunning but doing very well at it. The last couple of miles getting there were difficult enough as the snow was coming down so heavy we couldn’t see out of the windshield!
It was a bit of a miserable night but we got there and registered…….with Gary telling me I was to blame for him entering these silly events as I was the one who told him about them.

The conditions looked set to be pretty challenging as the forecast was for fog/mist……well who wants an easy ultra?
At 715am Matt held the race briefing and we set off a little after 730am. The conditions seemed pretty good and the temperature was not too bad…..still cold enough for hat and gloves etc.

As I had been suffering with some bug since coming back from Indonesia I had decided that I was not going to race the event, just run it and enjoy it. Amazingly I actually was able to do this, I didn’t have my competitive head on and was really enjoying the race.
The scenery was spectacular ….although I have run in this area several times it looked completely different covered in snow.

The first half of the race was deemed to be the toughest going, however due to the snow cushioning the rough terrain I found it not as tough as I was expecting, apart from a few climbs of course. There were a few obligatory falls and faceplants in the snow at times though!
We were told that after CP4 it was downhill all the way and was a lot easier than the previous section……from CP4 to CP5 was actually the toughest section for me. There were what must be Welsh downhill sections (uphill) and a lot of cold slippy slushy snow to run through.

Just before CP5 I was suffering with a sore back so had some painkillers…these kicked in just after CP5 along with a sugar rush from some jelly babies and just in time for a great downhill section in the snow. I must apologise to Darren, who I ran about 30miles of the event with, as at this point I turned into a hyper child.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The last few miles were along the canal, which seemed to be never ending. I was running with Darren and Yin Hi at this point and we finished pretty much together.

Gary had unfortunately been injured during the event but still managed to finish well and in front of me.

The event was very well organised. I have to say I enjoyed almost every second of it.
Well done to everyone who took part, it was great to meet new people. Massive thanks to all the crew who were out on the course on such a cold day, I’m glad I was running rather than crewing. It was great to see some familiar faces in the crew.
Shame we couldn’t stay the saturday night but had to get back to London.

What else is there to say about the race? Not much except I had a great day and would recommend doing it to anyone and I am looking forward to the 50miler in March.